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Day 16. Clozapine 7.11.17

Today I’m on…

200mg clozapine

300mg quetiapine

2mg diazepam

400mg pregabline

I now only have to go in to the hospital for blood pressure checks at night.

Im so grateful that I no longer have to go to the local mental health acute day unit daily. I was getting so fed up and worked up about it.

My blood results have came back good as far as I’m aware. Which is reassuring, although I feel quite unwell. Temperature is raised and glands in my neck are up. I haven’t told no one because I do t want any stops in the medication.

I’ve been on clozapine over two weeks, and I was so worried about the side effects, the weight gain was my biggest concern. But I’ve actually been loosing weight. I am struggling to swallow, food and drink which No one knows either.

Hopefully the help will carry on. I think this was a good decision to go on to clozapine, I wish I had done it earlier.

clozapine · Mental health

Day 12. Clozapine. 3.10.17

I’ve took 75mg this morning, and the plan is for 100mg later.

I’m a bit stressed with knowing what’s going on and the plan. No one seems to know. They are all saying different things.

I’m meant to be meeting my cpn later to have a chat. I’m actually a little bit anxious.

My weight has gone down another 1lbs. So I’m at 143lbs. I’m really pleased about this as I was told I would gain weight with this medication. I need to stay strong and keep loosing weight.

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Day 11. Clozapine 2.10.17

My pulse has been high today.

Went to my local hospital for urgent bloods, just received the results and there back into the safe range. So the plan is to continue the clozapine.

They didn’t manage to get my medication for next week, because they didn’t even look at what they needed to order, that’s made me a bit angry at them.

Went for a nice walk in the woods.

I’ve taken 75mg clozapine morning and night.

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Day 10. Clozapine 1.11.17 part 2

I went to the day hospital again yesterday to take my evening meds.

I spend the day awake with no naps.

I went and my blood pressure and pulse were the best readings yet, thanks to water and breathing deeply.

Then we get to the medication part, well they didn’t gave it, so they went to the pharmacy and it turns out they didn’t receive my blood results and were only able to dispense todays medication.

Then they realised my blood results have already come back in the amber band, which means proceed with caution. So today I have to go to the local hospital for a blood test, while waiting for there results I am allowed my morning dose.

I really hope my blood results come back good, because I’ve only had a little taste of clozapine but so far it’s good things.

Fingers crossed for good bloods results. 🤞

Day 10, was 75mg in morning, and 50mg evening.

500mg quetiapine and 2mg diazepam, 400mg pregabline.