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1st December… that came along quick.

I’ve got just over a month too loose thee weight. I have to be determined, I won’t loose the weight if I carry on eating and drinking the way I have been. I need to be strong and discipline myself.

I weigh 144.2lbs. I know fat and gross. I will loose this weight.

First good decision was to not have those biscuits this morning. And I’m planning on going to the gym. I can do this.

44 days… Any support will be very much welcomed.

“I believe I can therefore I will!”

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Day 4, clozapine 26.10.17

Slept really well, I feel asleep in the cafe yesterday evening, and then got a good 11 hours sleep.

Met with cpn yesterday and was good to talk things through. She made me feel I don’t have to hide that I feel scared of being better and we talked about the voices going.

Today I’m up to 50mg clozapine. Plan is to learn sign language to a song I love.

I’m feeling suspicious about them all talking behind my back. Are they really on my side.

They also said that they were upping my diazepam to the 6mg it was a week ago. I said I don’t want to go back up on diazepam and hopefully they agree.

I’ve managed to continue my step goal the last three days.

Going to try to continue as long as possible.

All going okay.

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Will I gain weight? What I have in place to not gaining weight.

I’m really anxious that I’m going to gain weight. I have already gained some weight and back up to 145pounds.

I’m very upset about this but I know what I need to do.

It could be medication related but I want to try and beat it, so I can continue to loose weight.

I’m being started in clozapine/ clozaril which every webpage says makes you gain weight.

I’ve got to fight against this. So what am I going to do to help myself loose weight….

  • Drink water,
  • Exercise the gym and home,
  • 10,000 steps,
  • Green tea,
  • Not much sugary foods,
  • Control calorie in take,
  • Always burn more than I eat,
  • Keep adding my consumption to MyFitnessPal and paper journal,
  • Push myself to stick to all above.
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Weight update.

I wish I could call this weightLOSS update, but I’m afraid that I’m heavier than I was this time last year.

I loss 50 lbs altogether and now that’s all back.

I really hate myself for that.

So I guess I need to put a plan in place to get back on that track. I’ve already made a good start to that with stopping alcohol. But I’m still eating loads of really unhealthy foods, and too much of that.

I also feel so tired at the moment and not able to exercise as much as I want.

My white blood cells are low and I wonder if that’s effecting me making me feel sleepy, if not then I really don’t know what to do and what’s going on.

Any help or suggestions would be very helpful.

So my weight is… 150lbs

With a goal of loosing 50lbs.

Help me loose weight.