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Medication was changed on Thursday.

TRIGGER WARNING…. overdoes, and medication.

Clozapine is being upped to 400mg

400mg which I’m a bit worried about but I think it will be okay. They know what there doing.

My pregabline is being increased next week too.

When will my medication stop being messed around with.

When will I feel better. It’s such a difficult time. I’ve just to try and put trust in to them.

The urge to overdose is really strong.

Mental health

Did it really happen?

I could put money on it. I truely believe it happened but I could also put money on it that it didn’t happen?

How can you tell if it was real or not?

I phoned the police, I wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t happening. But now I don’t know if my brain has made it up.

They never came back with the warrant, so I’m starting to think my brain made it up.

I hate it that the one thing you could rely on (your brain) is the one thing making it all up too.

I’m seriously going crazy?!?!